All Information Regarding Aadhar Card an Indian Government ID Proof

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What is Aadhar Card?

The Aadhar card is a card or an Indian Government ID Proof that is issued once the application has been approved and an Aadhar number has been assigned to a Particular person. If you have already received the Aadhar number and want the card in a hurry, then you can download it as a pdf file using your enrolment number or the Aadhar number. It must, however, be noted that having a card is not mandatory to avail the benefits of Aadhar.

What is the Main Purpose of Aadhaar?

The purpose of the Aadhaar was to make it simpler for people to avail government subsidies and have one number that would work as proof of address and proof of identity. Another reason that the government has cited for the creation of this was to help curb illegal immigration to the country. What Aadhaar isn’t is a card that can replace the need for drivers licenses or passports. It also does not identify a person as part of a family nor can any individual own more than 1 Aadhaar number.

Details Of Aadhar Card

The card issued in association with the Aadhaar number displays the basic details of the person. These details include:

  • The name of the Aadhar Holder.
  • The Aadhar number.
  • The enrolment number (EID)
  • A photograph.
  • The address of the person, as per the records.
  • The person’s date of birth.
  • The person’s gender.
  • A barcode that represents the Aadhar number itself.

What are the Criteria For Aadhar Card?

The specifics of Aadhar eligibility are:

  • Any citizen of India can apply for this card.
  • Children below the age of 3 years need not apply for Aadhar.
  • Non-resident Indians can also apply for the card.
  • Foreigners who are residing in India can also take the card.

Who can Get Aadhar?

  • Aadhaar For Resident Indians
  • Aadhaar For Minors
  • Aadhar For NRIs
  • Aadhaar for foreigners

List of Documents Required For Aadhar Card

These are some of the most basic requirements that you will need to abide by to get an Aadhar card.

  • Passports
  • Drivers licence
  • Identity cards issued by the government
  • Birth certificates
  • SSLC certificates
  • PAN cards
  • Voter identity card

So, We hope this post will Clear some of your Doubts regarding Aadhar Card. If you still have any doubts contact us and we will solve all your queries as soon as possible.

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